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Our  stud dogs

Mardas All Blacks

Junior Warrant Winner

Hips 5.5

Clear EIC current Eye certificate and clear of PRA

Blue is a constant Championshow Winner

The photograph was taken when Blue was 11 months old


Well done to Vinnie he now has sired TWO Show Champion Bitches
and another daugther aged 20 months old won the Bitch CC from the yearling Class
Sun day 1st April 2012. Thank you so much to Mr J.R.Sauge.
Also Junior warrant Winners
Greenworth Vincent O`Brien at Mardas JW  Hips 3.4.Elbows 0.0. Optigen Tested A (clear of PRA)

 My lovely old Vinnie is now 15 years old




Mardas Roman Republic JW Reserve.Challenge Certificate Winner
Nicky won his Junior warrant just before he was 12 months old.
Hips 3-4 Elbows, score 0.0, Optigem Clear A., Eye certificate clear


                   Mardas Roman Republic Junior Warrant Winner and 2 Reserve Challenge Certificates







Mardas Alberta`s Run
picture taken aged 19 months old. Bertie has won his classes at Championship shows
Optigen tested  A PRA clear, Eye Certificate clear, Hips 5.4., Elbows 0.0

Bertie is leaving for Luxenburg to become a family pet for a retired Ambassador and his family

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