We are hoping for a very rare litter in November the dam is Kool Kompany Mardas JW


Mardas All Blacks has won Best puppy in Breed at Leeds Championship show

He has also won Best Puppy in Show at Midland Co8unties Labrador Retriever Club Show

He has also won all his Breed  classes when shown  at open



   Labrador Retrievers come in three recognized colours - black, yellow (fox-red to light cream) and       chocolate (ranging from light sedge to chocolate).  They are NOT silver or white.
                                            Remember, a puppy is not a child in a fur coat!
A Labrador puppy requires a certain amount of exercise each day.  When they are little you must be careful not to over-do this.  Remember that a Labrador puppy isn’t fully grown until over a year.  Keep in mind that the activity should not be overly strenuous, in order to prevent bone or joint damage.   A good rule of thumb is best to be on the cautious side until fully grown.  For young dogs, twice daily exercise is a must.  Retrieving a small bumper (dummy) several times is always a good exercise for a Labrador puppy.      Just remember - Do not let him chew the bumper.  Never play tug-of-war!  Please do not throw a Frisbee for your pup or older dog.  Back injury can occur and you do not want that.  Do not take a puppy jogging and certainly do not use a bicycle to exercise your puppy.
Spending time now on developing constructive play will help prevent problems from developing in the future.

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